Angelita cenote

Yes! It’s a cenote dive that will knock your mind off. Goosebumps and amazement, that’s what we are talking about. It’s not only scuba diving, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Cenote Angelita resembles a pond in the jungle. It has a 25 metre diameter. The green and brown are everywhere. Unlike other cenotes the water of Angelita is greenish. Besides, the surface of the water is often covered by brown leaf and pollen. So, before even getting in the water you realise that this dive is different from the others.

Cenote Angelita has a unique feature that distinguishes it from others around. The famous cloud at 27 meters. Nothing like the halocline you may see in the other diving spots. These two layers of water are separated by a thick layer of hydrogen sulphate that looks like solid clouds viewed from airplane.

That is to say, you will feel like you are on a post apocalyptic fiction movie set. It’s the feeling that fantastic monsters lurk in the depths of the clouds below and you will have while crossing the borderline… You gonna fly around a tiny island in the middle of nowhere bristling dead trees branches around. In other words, you will leave planet Earth for another dimension during your dive time.

A terrific, calm ambience, and a time capsule in which you will ponder how nature created such a mystical place.

In short, will you dare to dive in Angelita? Thus, experienced divers are welcomed to live a thrilling moment with us. It is a Twilight Zone! You will easily name Angelita in the top 5 dives of your life.


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