Tortuga cenote

On the road to Valladolid from Tulum, several well-known cenotes are available for cave diving. One is the Tortuga cenote, whose entrance is combined with the road to two more cenotes: the Vaca Ha cenote and the Kim Ha cenote.

The Tortuga cenote is located at the end of the private road. Approaching the cenote, you will see a small pool with convenient steps. The pond is about 6 meters in diameter in the jungle. Near the cenote, there is a parking lot for three cars. There are no amenities. You can just get dressed and dive in.

The cenote is only available to Cave divers. Open Water divers cannot go there.

The maximum depth of the Tortuga cave line is 28 meters, the average depth of the cave line is 20 meters, and the length of the surveyed passages is 2488 meters. At a depth of 19 meters, there is a halocline between fresh and saltwater located. The Tortuga cave line is connected to the neighboring Kim Ha cenote cave line.

There is an underwater connection from Tortuga Ha Cenote to Kim Ha Cenote in the South-East.

Tortuga cenote cave diving video

Tortuga cenote cave video

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