Kim Ha cenote

On the road to Valladolid from Tulum, there are several well-known cenotes located available for cave diving. One of them is Kim Ha Cenote, the entrance to which is combined with the road to two more cenotes: Vaca Ha Cenote and Tortuga Cenote.

Kim Ha Cenote is located halfway down a dirt road on the way to the Tortuga Cenote. As you drive slowly through the jungle, you’ll spot a road comb where your car goes down the road. Stop your car at the drying mud puddle on the road, but make sure to park as close to the side as possible to allow space for other diving trucks that may want to go to the Tortuga Cenote that day. When you’re done with your adventure, the nearest U-turn spot is about 200 meters away at the Tortuga Cenote parking spots. To find Kim Ha Cenote, head straight to the left into the jungle for about 5 meters. You’ll approach a small puddle that’s about 2 meters in diameter – this is the entrance to the cave. There are no amenities available, so make sure to come prepared. Get dressed and dive in!

Be careful while entering as the cave line goes directly down to 20 meters deep through a narrow space full of mud, and at 7 meters deep while entering, you will bump with your mask into the beginning of another cave line that is going left. If you don’t plan to jump here, be careful and keep your line, which continues going down on the right and above.

The maximum depth of the Kim Ha cave line is 27.4 meters, the average depth of the cave line is 22.3 meters, and the length of the surveyed passages is 3322 meters. At a depth of 19 meters, there is a halocline between fresh and salt water.

There is an underwater connection from Kim Ha Cenote to Tortuga Cenote in the North.


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